Friday, 13 May 2016

Are Natural Cleaners Safe for Your Home?

Today's cleaning products are harsher than ever. From ammonia to sodium hypochlorite, the list of chemicals keeps growing, endangering your family and pets. Luckily, there is a solution. Natural cleaners are green products that can leave your home or business spotless without any harmful side effects.

How Natural Cleaners Work 

Unlike conventional cleaning products that contain harsh ingredients, natural cleaners do not contain such chemicals. They are just as effective as popular cleaners but will not leave harmful substances behind.

Natural products do not contain:
• Ammonia
• Sodium Hypochlorite
• Sodium lauryl sulphate
• Formaldehyde
• D-limonene

It is safe to use natural products for spaces occupied by young children, such as homes, schools and care centers. They are also a good option if you live with elderly relatives and pets. Commercial cleaners are also available for businesses.

Benefits of Natural Cleaning Products 

Changing to a natural cleaner is good for your health, your pocket and the environment. Some of the benefits of green cleaning include:

Health Safety 

Chemicals in cleaning products can have a dangerous effect on people, especially if you spend a lot of time in the space where they are used. Adults are more likely to be affected. However, children can also be exposed if the products are regularly used in the home.

Some of the common side effects of chemical-based cleaners include skin and respiratory problems. Ammonia exposure can also lead to burning sensations in the skin, eyes and nasal passages, and formaldehyde is known cause nausea and coughing.

Switching to green cleaners can eliminate the threat to your health and those of your loved ones. Opting for natural alternatives can also protect you from substances that cause allergic reactions.

Economical Alternative 

Another big benefit of natural cleaners is their affordability. Many companies offer inexpensive but effective products to save you money. If you don't have time to do your own cleaning, consider hiring a cleaning company that uses green products for both surface and deep cleaning. Hop over to this website for more information.

Eco-Friendly Solution 

Natural household cleaning products are friendlier to the environment than conventional options. They can be made affordably without producing any negative effects. Some green products are biodegradable, have a reduced carbon footprint and are not tested on animals.

If you want to hire professional cleaners, look for a service that minimizes waste. Good green cleaning services will have a zero-waste water, filtration and paper management system in addition to natural products.

Green Cleaning Services & Products 

As you know, many cleaning companies claim to provide green house cleaning services and natural products. To be sure, research their processes and find out the services and products on offer first.

It is advisable to look for a cleaning service that uses green techniques and cleaners from start to finish. Check that products do not contain allergens and chemicals to ensure your safety. If you need cleaning for your business, opt for a service that specializes in commercial cleaning.

Verify the credibility of a provider when looking for natural cleaners to ensure you receive high quality products. 

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