Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Planning a Fun and Successful Spiritual Retreat Event for Your Company

Organizing a spiritual retreat that doubles up both as fun time and spiritual oriented is critical in terms of getting your team revitalized, energized, more engaged while boosting your life goals. If everything is all work, even your best employee will gradually become dull and ultimately unproductive!

By keeping the following points in mind, you canensure that your event is successful:

Plan Early and Carefully

Any retreat that is not planned ahead or carefully may result in a major flop! Don't get totally surprised at the cold reception and reaction your last minute retreat arrangements may get. Many of your employees may feel, and perhaps rightly so, that the activity is sort of being imposed on them. Instead of seeing it as an opportunity to have fun and unwind, while at the same time advancing corporate goals, many will be hostile. Planning ahead for your retreat programs Houston ensures that instead of having coerced participation, you reap the benefits of full employee engagement. 

Source Ideas from Staff 

While the final say on when, where and what ultimately lies with the management, it makes great sense to source ideas from your team and employees. This not only helps in identifying what activities the majority are comfortable doing while outside the office hours, and where they prefer doing, but it also greatly improves participation and boosts morale. This is because at least all will get the feeling that they had a part in the retreat planning process.

Think Beyond the Usual 

You simply cannot keep on doing things the same way every year and expect anything else but the usual! Try and break away from the usual spiritual retreat ideas and give your employees an exciting environment that in no way confines their spiritual impulses. Rather go for one that allows them to open up, engage and develop some mind boggling ideas. Please visit this webpage for more details

This time, try and select a very diverse retreat group with more personnel coming from different departments and management levels. This could turn out be the difference between success in terms of big business ideas or simply another routine dull and boring, fruitless spiritual retreat. By engaging more minds, you are likely to get more accomplished.

Stay Local

There may be no need of flying your staff across the entire country when great retreat programs Houston locations are nearby. Take advantage of spiritual retreat programs that are in your backyard or area that may end up being more cost effective and less destabilizing for employees. Smaller retreats can also provide 5-star accommodations and services at a lesser cost.


Probably the biggest factor towards retreat success lies in venue selection. Identifying a suitable location that offers options to mix, mingle and unwind, during the day and evening hours is critical. It provides the opportunity for team building or networking, and also options where your attendees can make the best of the dedicated retreat time.

Be alert to a retreat facility that seems to undercut all other budget proposals. If their proposal is too low, perhaps they are cutting costs including food quality and staffing which ultimately affects the success of your spiritual retreat.

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